Meet the Crew

At CFIBuddy we are a group of pilots laser focused on making the lives of other pilots safer, easier and all around more bad ass. Our mission is simple, to enable flight schools to operate an environment that promotes safety, education & accountability both on the ground and in the air.


We accomplish this by combining our propriatery flight school operations management software with over 50+ years of general aviation business acumen and experience. 


Some may describe us as picky artists, but we prefer the term grizzled vets because we have seen just about everything the aviation industry can throw our way. Never the less, we do not take our eye off the ball for we will stop at nothing to make a successful flight school a reality. 


Check out our CEO in action!


Joseph Muccio

Founder & CEO

Outside the office, I like to keep things interesting. I recently received my Private Pilot Certification with 64.5 logged hours of Pilot in Command time of a single engine Cherokee 180 aircraft. My time on the ground is spent in large part in the dojo where I enjoy practicing both Muay Thai strike training and Brazilian Jui Jitsu under the purview of Mark Dellagrotte and Daniel Gracie, respectively.


Steve Bannon

Chief Flight School Consultant

Steve has been in the general aviatoin business since he was 10 years old, schleping buckets of oil from old P-51 Mustangs to the garbage. Not only can Steve fly anything with wings, he brings a relentess business acumen to the CFIBuddy table and truly makes our company dynamic.

When Steve is not onsite with clients he spends his days in mountains of Vermont, listening to Grateful dead and taking in the views with his wife Martha.